Modelling cave walls

Can someone recommend a plug-in and workflow that will convert the inner walls of a smooth modelled tunnel into uneven cave walls? It doesn’t need to be super accurate, it’s more about getting it completed as quickly as possible. I’m looking to model this an not create it using a texture. Thx.

Look at Eneroth Fractal Terrain Eroder in the Exteiosn Warehouse.

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Without a plugin: create a TIN with the Sandbox from scratch tool, use the Smoove tool to deform it and finally rotate it to a vertical position.

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I would do both. Create a tin with sandbox. Next a combination of move and push pull to create an uneven surface. Finally hit it with Eneroth’s eroder extension.

Final touch would be a projected rock texture.

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I think the example has sprayed concrete. Rock tends to be more or less broken so it can seldom be left untreated because of water and falling fragment hazards.

Guys, thanks for the quick feedback. Sorry, long time user but not really used the sandbox tools that much over the years. By a TIN are you referring to creating a grid mesh above the tunnel wall then draping it onto the walls so it can be smooved?

@Anssi was talking about creating a grid lying flat that would represent the vertical rock wall and using tools to deform the grid while it is lying flat, then tip it vertical for your model.

Bitmap to Mesh for the win!