How to create the surface of a rough stone wall

What is the best way to create the undulating and irregular surface of an old cottage wall constructed from rough-dressed random shaped stones?

I have tried the sandbox tools without much success.

Check out Eneroth’s Fractal Terrain Eroder.

How closely will this be scrutinized? Modeling a stone surface is highly irregular (pun intended). Making such a surface as actual geometry would make your model huge and unwieldy. A texture is much more commonly used to represent a surface that is rough and irregular, resulting in a tighter, more compact model and a surprisingly realistic stone wall. For instance:


Thanks. I have tried this now and like it as a tool> I am still playing with it, but aside from modelling each stone and applying erode I am not sure that it will achieve what I need.

I can see what you mean. I do use textures/images as in your example, and agree that they can be very realistic.

My current project is to design a study bench built against an irregular stone wall (painted white) in my son’s bedroom. The back edge of the bench will be ‘scribed’ to the irregularities of the wall. Although I don’t want to replicate this exactly, it would be nice to make it look realistic.

As it is not a very big expanse of wall I am prepared to draw freehand the irregular stonework as polygons. I could use push/pull to raise these and then erode them, but that is a lot of work, and would all those faces make the model too big?

Other ideas are to use the stonework polygons and drape them onto a sandbox grid and use smooth to introduce the 3D irregularities.

Any more suggestions please?

Have a look at a couple from Tig
Random Pushpull