Convert Modeled Geometry to Organic Form?

Looking to make this stone wall have a more organic(rocky) surface and edges. I know I could drape a grid and adjust manually, but I’m just curious if there is a faster method out there. I just don’t have a lot of time to kill on this one. I’m hoping that there is an extension that can take the overall form and distort it with a few clicks. Not worried about it matching the material image… Really anything will look better than the straight edges you see now.



Maybe this one by @eneroth3?

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What rendering program are you using? The fastest way is to use a bump map for the rock surface itself. For the edges…that’s a tougher one as there are really are no ‘fast’ ways to do it as you’ve requested):

Another way to think about it is to use the extension Bitmap to Mesh to generate geometry from that stone texture you’re using. See below for example:

If that’s too much for you then you can also tracing the rocks individually, extruding and applying something like Erode as noted already by @MichaelSiggers or Round/Fredo Corner to soften the sharp corners.

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I’d recommend using a displacement map for this inside of the renderer. It allows for it to be rendered as uneven, while keeping a light weight, easy to work with model, representing the “theoretical” geometry.

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Thanks! This one works pretty nicely!

This is great, thanks so much! I ended up using the enroth plugin which worked pretty well. I’ll have to check out the FredoCorner extension as well. I appreciate it!

I would definitely go this route, but I’m unfortunately using Enscape to render, which only supports bump maps :pensive:

I think they are in the works of bringing support for normal and displacement maps though! I’m keeping a lookout for it! Thanks for the suggestion.