Modeling a Fire Truck Live!

Modeling fire truck, live! Join us!!


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Something like this:


Cool! That should go quickly. Maybe you could model a Dalmatian sitting in the driver’s seat too.

oh… so many variations on Fire Engine… sorry Truck…

Where is this or when will it be?

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I have programmed quite a lot of web and mobile apps. Here’s one I did that features Fireman Sam. ‘Jupiter’ would be easier to model.


such a shame what they’ve done to sam…

The image is already a decent size, but I doubled it anyway, and cleaned up the artifacts a little.

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The time in the first post is relative to you… if it says 8 PM then it’s 8 PM YOUR time. (On my screen it says 12:00 PM.)

I know.
There was a different issue (was resolved already: Aaron corrected a date in first post)
Check my post: compare the dates in quoted text and console screenshot…:wink:

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Ah… August 7th. Gotcha.

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Maybe this is the same truck?


That looks like it.

It is a Spartan Gladiator Diesel Fire Truck here are more images


I like the “Eliminator” motif.
ZZ Top

I’m reminded of the year 2003. Myself and another operator were alone on site using a paint plant. We were just about to go home when we realised there were a small fire in the machine. We emptied several extinguishers and couldn’t believe how quickly the fire were growing.

I quickly called the fire service and then we hopelessly emptied every extinguisher we could find before becoming overwhelmed by thick black smoke and left the building. The rate the fire took hold were incredible, I remember watching flames taking hold of the building wall as we left. A complete feeling of astonishment the situation we had just become involved in.

The South Yorkshire fire service had 5 engines on it pretty quickly with a special ladder unit over the roof. Within an hour or so they had it under control. I remember them coming out for a breather with their masks blacked over. They did such a great job.

The business recovered and still stands to this day.