Modelers needed for 3 models in a short time (School Grand Opening)

Hi there,

Through my study I came in contact with 3D-printing. I took a course and I came to like it very much. My school now purchased 2 big builders and 2 choc creators which I may use freely (because I succesfully finished the course)
However it was a rather short course and I am not very familiar with the programs.
My teacher asked me to make certain models but I was not succesful in making those. There will be a grand opening of a new part of the school and I would like some help with making the models.
Model 1: the size of a bonbon (roughly 3cm x 1,5 cm) with ‘F&B’ on top

→ Perhaps the edges a little more round

Model 2: the names ‘Frank’ and ‘Theo’
→ the names in all caps and about 15 cm long and 1 cm high

Model 3: a rather large flower-shaped bowl (large enough to put 2 scoops of ice cream in)

  • I can’t upload more pictures because I am a new user.

I know this seems really easy for most of you but I tried very hard to make them. Like I said the course was very short (couple of weeks) and I am still learning every day.
I would appreciate help very much!


Have you checked the 3D Warehouse ?

Here is a search on “bonbon”

Hello DanRathbun,

Thank you for your reply. I just checked your link and there are some models I could useperhaps but I can’t seem to make the “F&B” on top of that.


If you post a few images of what you need you’ll get more response.

thank you for that advice. I will make some sketches

Your first model is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 in SketchUp:

Thank you. I did not know that you could add 3D text.