Model sent to me is invisible


I’m using Sketchup Make 2017. Someone emailed me their model, but when I open it there is nothing visible. I tried Zoom Extents, and checked Hidden Geometry, but nothing is there.


Does model info show any geometry? Are layers turned off? Are there any components in the model? Section planes?


Outline just shows the files name.


Layer 0 appears to be the only layer. It is checked. Components all list 0. I don’t see any geometry.

The person sending it is also using the free version of Sketchup and has no problems on their end.


sending via email attachment. I’d rather not make it public and don’t see a private message option - only your profile.


Here is what I see when I click your name.


With the model open, go to the Window > Model Info area and look at the Stats area.
What do you see? Is there any geometry faces or edges listed there?



Everything is 0 except Layers and Styles, which are 1


Ouch! That’s a genuinely empty model. Most likely the sender erred when attaching the model file to the email. A possible but less likely cause would be if their email client, server, your email client somehow purged the file.


Thanks all. I’ll go back to the sender.


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