Model missing

Hi, my all model got missing from the sketchup file while doing design, And I couldn’t get back yet
So is there any possibilities to get it back . please help me , it will be very much appreciated

If you share the file it would be possible to help you, we can’t do much with an image of your monitor.

In this file i cannot even draw a line
I hope u can find a solution

Tap shift+z and wait a moment.

thankyou so much .Its worked

Wouldn’t hurt to give your model a once over to clean it up. I had a look. Fixed the incorrect tag usage …
Screenshot - 6_25_2023 , 7_14_27 AM
… and purged unused stuff.
Screenshot - 6_25_2023 , 7_15_20 AM
This reduced the file size by nearly 60% and makes it easier to work with.

You should look at the face orientation and fix the reversed ones. There should be no exposed blue back faces. By the way, what are you modeling? A doll’s party space? It’s pretty tiny.

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