"Model Locked by another user" issues

I have just attempted to export model to Layout and (whilst new at the insert from layout technique) it didnt work in that my already made scenes from the model were not in the model /scenes menu in layout. After a few attempts of saving and updating - i closed both. Now I have a message that reads “model locked by another user, do i want to open a read only file”

According to sketchup this should not happen on later versions of the programme, however I am running 2018 which is supposed to be OK.
Has anyone successfully resolved this isssue thanks in advance

Did you save the LayOut file? What happens if you close all instances of SketchUp? Can you then open the model file?

As far as the scenes go, if you right click on the viewport in LayOut and choose Open with SketchUp, does the model open? Are there scenes shown in the file?

Hi Dave
Im causing problems again!

Im out on a job but will have a go with your advice later.
Thanks so much

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