Locked by other user again! SketchUp. Please fix this. Or tell me how once and for all

Hello All.
I’ve been getting the “File locked by another user” error message for a bit now. Thing is, Im the only user and these dwgs are closed. I have checked the forums and turned off the Preview and the details pane. Yes I can rename it thru a save as. But I have a dwg referencing a layout dwg and it’s just becoming a pain in the you know what because then I need to change the reference in layout also. Does anyone know how I can fix this once and for all? also soon I will need to go back and spend time cleaning out duplicate dwgs for hard drive space.

In what specific application do you encounter the error?
In SketchUp: what extensions so you use?
In LayOut: How do you insert the files?
Do you have more than one account on the PC?

In general, did you install SketchUp by rightclicking on the downloaded installer file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’ ?

I get this a few times a week with SketchUp files, it seems random.

In my case I think it’s connected with Google Backup and Sync. If I wait a while the file that was locked becomes unlocked but most of the time I shut down Backup and Sync and it solves the issue.

Extensions: Artisan, round corner,weld. A few others. Mostly use native tools.
I insert most things thru file_insert. But recently I dragged some jpegs from another screen and this dwg would not close. I’m curious how that could effect this issue. Especially because preview and details are closed. Sometimes it works to just say no. Close the error message and it releases. This “user” won’t let go :wink:

I’m going to try the Google Sync thing. It’s a drag if that’s it, as I’ve been thinking about dropping Dropbox the next renewal cycle and just using drive for back up. New dwgs reside outside of Dropbox due to a lag that I think Dropbox was causing.
Pausing sync to solve the issue would be ok.
Thanks for the responses.
I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Is the “locked” file saved locally on your hard drive or saved to the cloud?


Locally, but is it in a synced folder?

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Both dwgs. Skp and layout on the hard drive. The folder is Synced to Google drive. Not Dropbox. I’m guessing it is a sync issue. Haven’t tried it yet but it makes sense. Drive and Dropbox are really the same thing. Haven’t noticed the lag I was experiencing with Dropbox. I am wondering if Drive is saying it’s up to date but a process is still going.

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Everything is installed using run as administrator. :slightly_smiling_face: Belated answer to Mike’s question.

Update: Sync on pause and no issues. Thanks all. now I just have to remember to restart it during the day.


Maybe a thing you just do at lunch time and right before you leave for the day. Set up a calendar thing to pop up a reminder.

Thanks Dave. Yes, really shouldn’t be hard to remember to sync. many years of Control -S. Gonna look into setting up sync to run at shutdown so no mistake at the end of the day.:crazy_face:

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On Mac, I’d do crontab -e and have it do it for me at those times. Win10 I guess it’s taskschd.msc ?

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