I'm New: Pro2015 - "read only" & "locked by another user" PROBLEMS!


Hello Forum

Just in the middle of a job & TWO errors have emerged so I cannot access my drawings!?!

  1. "the files are “read only” - HOW DO I ‘UN’ read-only THEM, please?

  2. On opening a file, it error messages: “the file is locked by another user”! HOW DO I UN-LOCK PLEASE?

I have so little time to get these projects out to clients & doing my nut at the mo!! :~

thank you.



This usually happens to me if I try to open a file that is already open.


thank you Paul…it never seemed to have happened before, but with Pro2015…I’ve been locked out!?!

“Read Only” or “Locked in use by another user”!?!

A new problem: one file opens but there are no drawings!?! Have all the layer boxes ticked… ?!?


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