Model issues after DWG import

Whenever I import a large DWG file from an architect I’m forever faced with model issues. Even the smallest of tasks such as creating a 3D box can be tedious with multiple layering of surfaces meaning you have to delete three surfaces to uncover the original adjacent surface. Or you get the opposite where you can’t for the life of you draw a 3D box because the lines just won’t join up or complete for no reason whatsoever.

Does anyone know how to remove all these little glitches? It’s slowing me down sooooo much.

Are the models in the DWGs correctly drawn, including the layers? Do you import the models at a long distance from the origin?

They’re often big models of houses with all sorts of horrible geometry. There are loads of layers and they often require lots of cleaning up. I’m not sure what you mean about importing at a long distance from the origin. Physically the DWG files will have been created in autocad and then an unknown package by a visuals company, it may be studio max.

When you import the dwg, does it appear near the origin or is it miles away?

No they’re where the should be.

Can you share the dwg?

I’m not sure I can unfortunately

I never build sketchup geometry inside the dwg import group. I build it outside the group, making sure I have absolute precise geometry. Dwgs can contain lots of imprecision that will follow the model like bugs of all sorts. I use a dwg as reference only, and delete it when I’m done.

If you work with the actual dwg geometry, and build faces from that you might be able to form faces to extrude, and those might show as aligned to axes, but still contain small imperfections that will keep you from working effectively.

I also try to clean away as much as possible inside an autocad-like software before importing, so the imports are prepared for easy drawing in sketchup.

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