Model information box not showing


I’m using SketchUp Pro 2021 on a Windows 10 PC with Windows being recently up-dated.

Since then I am no longer able to view the model information which used to appear as a dialogue box when selected through the window drop down menu.

Am I the only one with this problem?

Have you upgraded from a much earlier version?
Several years back they introduced a tray system,
Go, Window/Default Tray/Show Tray.

Hi Box,

No, not updated - been using SU2021 throughout this project and could view the model info box earlier in the week.

If I go Window/Default Tray it appears the Tray is showing as I am asked if I want to hide the tray.

Have you moved it off screen, had more than one monitor running?
Try Window/Preferences/Workspace/Reset workspace

If I try and select preferences (eindow/preferences) SU locks up.

Ok, it’s off screen, have you changed your monitor layout?
With focus on the Preferences dialog, in other words when you think it has locked up,
hit alt and space together, the m, then tap any arrow key and without clicking move the mouse around until the preferences dialog appears.

Found preferences by following your instructions - thank you. Do I do the same for model info please?

Yes, Model info should work too.
Sorry, I was originally thinking you were looking for Entity Info.

I reset workspace as you suggested earlier and that worked a treat.

Many thanks again.

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Another question please.

The model info box is locked in the top left hand corner of the screen.

How do I free that up.?

Try the key combination from earlier.


And I how to I confirm that my questions are closed and been expertly answered please?

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I see you found the checkmark. I changed which one was the solution. Part of the point of the solution checkmark is so that the marked post shows at the top of the page. I changed it to another answer that was most likely the best suggestion.