>Model Info >File >Location: Not showing the Full File Path

I’m not getting the full story on where my SU Files are being stored when viewing them in the Model Info File Location: text field.

The basic directory path which got setup is… […]/Documents/SketchUp Projects.

However, nested Inside of the SketchUp Projects folder are other sub-folders which are specifically related to my individual customers.

Unfortunately, when I go to view the details of this in the File Location text field… I don’t find the Sub-Folders mentioned as the last directory in the file path.

Any ideas on why this might happen?

So what I’m seeing reported is:

File Location: […]/Documents/SketchUp

when it should instead read…

File Location: […]/Document/SketchUp Projects/‘Customer Name’ folder

I guess that one explanation for this is that the text field box can’t report the full file path, and thus the back half of the path is being dropped?

It would be nice if this wasn’t the case. and maybe the text field can be scrollable to reveal the whole directory path, or simple wrapped down to a secondary line.

the full path is revealed in the tooltip if you hover long enough…


You can also open Save As and copy the folder path from the save panel, then click cancel.

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