Layout: Right Click SU Model > Open File Location

Hello - Windows 11, SU/LO 2023.

I’m revisiting a project that I haven’t worked on for a long time (6 months or so).

Need to update some details in Layout so to make sure I’m editing the correct SU file I’ve opened the relevant LO file so I can Right Click one of the model views and open with sketchup.

However I’m getting a bugsplat every time I try to do this (I also get a bugsplat if I Edit via File>Document Setup>References).

This made me realise how useful it would be to be able to Rightclick the SU model view in layout and Open File Location to open Win Explorer / Finder as a quick way to locate the file without having to wait for it to load in SU or risk potential crash, especially when working with big files.

Alternatively what would be helpful in this scenario would be to show the file/folder path/tree in the Document Setup References window.

Also I find it counter-intuitive that relinking the model opens the most recent explorer file location as opposed to the file location of the model that you are re-linking, as I imagine for most people that the updated version of that SU model would either be in the same folder or a folder on the same tree / path.


Have you filled out the relevant information including you email and submitted them?

This is shown in References already.