Discover SU file used in LO

Is there a way of doing this, I wonder?

Like all properly brought up Sketchuppers, I normally create a scene in SU before importing into LO. That means that if I click on the window in LO, I can see which SU scene it relates to. But it doesn’t tell me which SU drawing it came from. Sure, you can go to Document Setup and that will tell you all the SU drawings in use. Trouble is, you might have imported a number of SU drawings. Also, the dialog box can be hard to read because it includes the full path and is not expandable.

What I am after is a means of interrogating the LO drawing to tell me both the drawing reference and scene reference. Does that exist?

If you have Document Setup>References open, you should see the correct SKP file name highlight when you select a viewport that is linked to it.

You should be able to drag the Document Setup window to make it wider and then drag the column divider over to make the entire path for the SKP file visible.

Nothing selected:

A viewport selected:

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@DaveR, that looks just the ticket but might you be on a PC? Not sure it works like that on my Mac. This is what I see when I open Doc Setup and select a scene. And the dialog box stubbornly refuses to change size.

Humor me for a moment. Open the SketchUp file by right clicking on the viewport. I’m going to guess the SKP file ends with Proposed2.skp. Is that correct?

As for changing the size of the dialog box, I can’t check it on my Mac right now but i just dragged the right side over on my PC.

No Dave, it is actually Proposed3.skp, but that’s actually a way of finding out isn’t it? Why doesn’t Proposed3 show in the dialog box I wonder? Something a bit screwed up there I fear.

The list is longer than than the window is tall. There’s a scroll bar on the right side of it.

With the viewport still selected, scroll down the list. Does the file show as selected in the list?

the actual box van’t be resized, so changing column width on one of Dave’s old files…


Oh boy, Dave, I do feel a bit of a berk now! You’re quite right of course (as usual). The relevant file was lurking near the bottom and was highlighted as it should have been.

Anyway, despite displaying my shortcomings, I have learned something to day, so thanks once more.

BTW, Dave, do you ride a white charger and carry a lance?

Happy to hear you got it sorted.

Like this?

No, sadly, I drive a Honda Oddysey van. And no lance. My wife thinks I’d shoot my eye out if I had one.

I was thinking more of this:

No, wait up, does that make me a damsel in distress??

I like you Simon but I have a hard time picturing you in a long dress and a pointy hat.

You’re absolutely right.

You would never find me in a pointy hat.


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