Auto-text or other way to display what file/model a viewport is referencing?

I’d like a way to display, (both in layout and on exported pdfs if possible) the file name or file path which an individual viewport references.

This would help both when working in layout, and especially when looking at a pdf or physical prints and wanting to confirm exactly which .skp model and revision the prints in your hands are based on.

We currently use the auto-text which at times is very useful, but that only tells you where the layout document is located, not where all the various model files are saved.


I wonder whether the file name and path could be made to show up when you hover over a LO window?

Hey @jimmy,

This is something that we’d love to add to LayOut, either as auto-text or as part of the SketchUp Model Inspector (or both). We have this feature request filed internally so we don’t lose track of it.



Great thank you!

Auto text would be the easiest since you wouldn’t have to do anything, but coming up with a naming system and one file on your computer for each project and saving it there makes the most sense. We have a template of empty folders that we copy and paste into each new file. Ours are site photos, material selections, concepts, SU drawings and 2 SU folders under that for layout documents and previous versions. We also have a company wide naming system. Project name for main folder, and for the SU drawings it’s PROJECT NAME-year-month_day like SMITH - 19_0307, layout file has same info but different format.

With the year first, it makes the files easier to find if they happen to drag on for years.

It’s not exactly what you want, but by keeping things organized you’ll know where they are

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