Showing sketchup file reference in Layout

Is there a way to show the sketchup file name and location in layout? I would guess that I am looking for a function that would return the SU file name. I have spent a lot of time looking for the SU file that was used in the Layout drawing. There has got to be a way to easily identify that SU file.
Thanks for any help.
Chuck Plaisted

What version of SketchUp are you using? What OS? Please complete your profile. You can see the reference file name in Document Setup>References or in the SketchUp Model panel. Currently those no Auto-Text option to create a label or anything that shows the SketchUp file name.

Thanks for your help. I have updated my profile per your suggestion.

No worries,
Chuck Plaisted

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Were you able to get the information you need?

Yes Dave. The information is available, but there is no magic way to place it in the printed document. Just as I suspected.
Thanks again for your help.

Chuck Plaisted

No, and apparently no way even to copy and paste text (on a Mac, anyway).

Whilst it would be useful to have more options for Autotext, this would be a tough call. You might have several different SU drawings in your LO drawing (I often do).

Correct. But it’s easy enough to see the name of the SketchUp model file in the SketchUp Model panel and add it in a text box.