Model for renderings and for 2d

I have a fairly detailed architectural model under development. Would be great if I could import it into 1 scene and have materials applied that look good for my 2d drawings ( porter over to layout) and then another scene which has all the materials set up for renderings. Problem I have is that every time I update the master file (that I imported into a fresh scene) the materials all get replaced. Ideally I would like to be able to CHOOSE what gets updated. For example I just want the geometry to update, but not the materials. Would also be great to have an option to update all the views saved in the master file.

I think you would need to use 2 separate models, each textured accordingly. 1 for layout and the other for rendering. However, depending on your renderer, you could stay with the SU model’s textures and edit/replace them inside the renderer for rendering…which should leave the SU as is, but will use the other for the render. I use The Render, I can keep the SU materials and use substitute materials in the render which leaves the SU ones as is.

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Oooo i didnt think of doing it like that :slight_smile: I am also using Thea…

I guess the only downside is that i wouldnt be able to use that one model to do the client review. Typically I tour the model using the sketchup native viewport to discuss the design and make changes on the fly. The laptop isnt powerful enough to do that with thea IR.

Do you need to show the materials when you are doing the client review? Maybe you could set up your scenes for the review using a different style like made Shaded or even Monochrome. Then you don’t need to worry about the materials for the renders.

yeah that is quite important to have the materials viewable. I was thinking of just using a standard sketchup monochrome black & white style for the Layout drawings and just adding the hatching in layout.

Probably will need 2 models then.
While it doesn’t produce the fidelity of Thea Renders, I find Enscape good for “real time” rendering, although the Thea Presto in draft mode does a pretty good job, but depends on your laptop’s specs.

i think they got rid of the “draft” mode button ? i cant find it…so would probably need to manually tweak some settings. Even on a quality laptop (HP Zbook, i7 8850H, Quadro P3200) and with the hi-poly accessories all hidden, its still too slow for client review