Model Disappears


I have a completed model but when applying a scene the model completely disappears
Any suggestions?


Run the Select All command… followed by Zoom Extents (Shift + Z).

Make sure that your model isn’t too far away form the origin point for the x,y,z axes.

If it is—run the Select All again, and use the Move tool. You can just type [0,0,0] into the VCB box as your second point.


Select all, copy, open a new drawing, paste.


By “applying” do you mean creating a new scene, or clicking an existing, previously created scene. If the latter, it may be due to unintentionally updating to an empty view.


Thanks Jim

Silly me, I had left a section cut on in a previously deleted scene
therefore when it moved to the new scene the old section cut became active.
sorted now, but thanks for your response