Model disappears HELP ME

When I orbit my model disappears. I have deleted everything that was stray and have made sure I am in parallel projection, so now I am stuck.

Maybe switching to Perspective will help.

Upload the SKP file so we can take a look and help you sort out what’s going on. Otherwise we are just playing a guessing game.

I tried to add the file but it says it was 200 kb too large

If you delete a few parts of the model (in a duplicate copy of the file, to reduce the file size) does the orbit problem remain? If so, try uploading that smaller copy. If all else fails, a couple of screen captures (one before you orbit when the model is visible, and one after orbiting) might help to allow other forum users to suggest a resolution.

Try purging unused components and materials first.

PP should never be used when 3D modelling…

in PP the camera is set to a fixed distance from the focal point and if your model is wider, deeper or taller than that distance, it will be ‘clipped’ when rotated towards the camera…

only use for when you need a ‘static positioned’ camera…


here is what keeps happening it feels as if I’ve tried everything ask if you need any more pictures

How would I go about doing that?

Doing what? Purging unused stuff? Window>Model Info>Statistics. Click Purge Unused.

Then save and try uploading the SKP file here so we can see it.

And if it is still too large, upload it to a sharing site such as Dropbox or the extension warehouse and share the link here.

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