Model dimensions print out tiny

Model dimensions look fine in sketchup but when I print, the dimension characters are too tiny to read. This just started.

Share an example SketchUp model that shows what you are seeing.

Doors.skp (35.8 KB)

This isn’t a new thing. The size of dimensions in prints from SketchUp is relative to the size of the model on the page. You can make them appear larger by adjusting the size of the model window so it allows the model to more closely fit the paper aspect ratio.

Alternatively you can edit the Dimension text so it has a fixed model space size. This is done in Model Info>Dimensions.

Since you are using SketchUp Pro you have LayOut which has better dimensioning controls. This PDF was created with dimensions added in LO. If printed at full size the door will be shown at a scale of 1:12
Door.pdf (8.3 KB)
The LO file.
Door.layout (56.3 KB)

Thank you!