Model a Rod with a Hole through It

I’ve looked at a lot of how-to’s but cannot figure out how to draw a rod (axle) with a hole through it (for a cotter pin).

Can anyone point me to a wiki or how-to that addresses this?


With SketchUp Make draw the rod and draw a “drill bit” in the form of a smaller cylinder placed where you want the hole. Use Intersect Faces to intersect the two cylinders and erase everything that isn’t the rod with the hole in it. Correct the face orientation as needed. Probably best to use "The Dave Method for this.

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I had tried that route without success because I didn’t use Intersect Faces.
axle.skp (257.3 KB)

Thank you, once again, Dave!

On this case however you deleted the surface of the hole through the axle. You need to leave that part like I did.