Hi, does anybody know how to drill a hole through a cylinder

Hi, does anybody know how to drill a hole through a cylinder


Two things to note:

  • I revered the faces of the boring cylinder first so that the surfaces of the hole come out right-side-out inside the other cylinder
  • I knowingly positioned the boring cylinder off-center just to show it can be done.

Excellent solution, many thanks, Mats

Hi, I am having a similar problem but I can’t get it to work.
I am trying to drill a hole through a hollow cylinder (tube?). When I delete the drill pieces it does not heal the inner sides of the hole.
As an alternative I have tried drilling the hole in a solid cylinder as per above example (which works fine) but then when I hollow the tube by pushing an inner circle down the tube it leaves a cylinder in the centre which when deleted leaves the hole without sides so that I can “look inside” the tube. Any suggestions?

Test cylinder drill.skp (355.0 KB)


Make the tube hollow before running the “drill” through it and use the Intersect operation as before.

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One thing you should straighten out first is layer usage. You are using layers incorrectly. Layer 0 should remain active at all times, all edges and faces should remain on Layer 0 and only groups and components should get assigned to other layers. Currently your model is a mess and this intersection operation for drilling the hole will make it worse. There’s also some incorrectly oriented faces that need to be fixed.

Have a look at this.
Test cylinder drill.skp (281.7 KB)

Thanks for this advice. It’s after midnight here in Australia so I’m off to bed. Will have another play with it tomorrow.