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I have downloaded 2 example files (2D & 3D) from MOASURE (site measuring tool) into SU to have a look at them. At the moment I can’t make faces on some parts of the 2d one (but I probably need to check for gaps, I think there’s an extension for this) but what I am getting is some weird flickering of the tools I am using.

I wonder if this is the same for others?

I have attached the 2 files downloaded from Moasure’s site which are .dfx files, the SU model I have of them after import and also a screen shot of what I am seeing.

Example_3D_DXF.dxf (550.2 KB)
Moasure example files.skp (148.0 KB)
Example_2D_DXF.dxf (499.5 KB)

Screen recording on my Dropbox
[Dropbox - Moasure in - Simplify your life]

I’m grateful, as always, for any help or advice. Best regards, Sally

With KBS Face Tools extension

With native tools - Line, Eraser

Thanks Mihal,

I have downloaded the KBS Face tools extension which worked although not quite as well as in your screen recording.

It looks like the models will need a bit of cleaning up but still a huge improvement on my previous manual workflow!

But the flickering cursor is strange, I haven’t had that before. I wonder if it is a Mac thing?

I will investigate further later but need to take the dog out! Thanks for your speedy reply.

Do you like the Moasure? Is it accurate? How accurate :)?

You chose the easier option (with an extension) but you didn’t pay attention to how I showed you. First you prepare your geometry, in this case you had to group and hide those 3D Xs.

That flickering is known as Z-Fighting, when two surfaces overlap in the same place.

It hasn’t been delivered yet but I will let you know once I’ve had a play with it! :wink:

Hi Mihal,

I hadn’t noticed that step and only saw the first screen recording initially. And my dog was itching to get out!! I’ll have more time to look at it later and try it again.

It’s not Z fighting though, it’s not flashing on a surface, its the actual cursor or tool that flashes and flickers, maybe it doesn’t show clearly on the screen recording I did, I have never seen that before. It only seems to happen when I’m inside the group. I will investigate further.

Thanks again for your support.

Hi again Mihai,

so that worked perfectly, following your instruction to group the 3d crosses. Sorry I missed that step first time around.

But I still get the flickering tools which is a bit strange. Hope you can see what I mean more clearly in this recording.

You’re welcome, Sally!
Regarding that situation with the ‘‘mouse icon’’ (flickering), probably the best thing is for one of the people from SketchUp to provide some details/solutions. I also saw it in the first clip from you.

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Hi @colin , can you have a look at this please? :upside_down_face:

Further info - since following Mihai’s advice and grouping the 3d crosses and creating the faces with KBS face tools (still getting the flickering tools at that stage) I also ran TTs clean up ‘erase stray edges’ and since then this model seems fine, I no longer have the flickering tools! I’m not sure whether that ‘fixed’ it but it now seems fine!