Missing status


I am having a problem with layout and sketchup. I noticed a scene in sketchup I used in layout got deleted from sketchup. Can I recreate the scene in sketchup and then go to Layout and go to references and update. Thanks for any help possible.


In LayOut, for the view port of the missing scene, right click and select the new scene that you’ve recreated. The viewport may need to be adjusted. I don’t think it requires a change to references.

So what you are saying is you deleted the scene in the SU file? You can certainly create a new scene in the model, save the changes and then update the reference in LayOut. If you name the scene exactly as it was and you still have that viewport, the scene should show up there. Since it appears you are using SketchUp/LayOut 2019, make sure that viewport doesn’t show the scene as modified.

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