Missing opacity slider - Sketchup 2016


I can’t find my opacity slider in the Materials menu. Is this a glitch in 2016, or if I need to edit the materials menu, how do I do that?

No opacity slider

Supposed to be…

Can’t you expose more of the Materials browser by either lengthening the tray or minimizing one of the other dialogs in the tray?


The Materials bar will not expand as DaveR demonstrated

Okay, sorry, it was actually that the secondary select menu was at a minimum. I had to expand that menu first before I could expand the materials menu. My apologies. Clearly I’m new at Sketchup. Thanks for the quick replies.

No need. There still are some layout glitches in the tray panels, as you have noticed. Especially if you use a High DPI monitor, and have set the UI scaling to 150% or more.

We all expect tweaks and fixes in the next version release.

Hi, I’'m not exactly new… but I have the same problem with the Opacity slider. It simply will not be exposed! I’ve tried everything! There are no further expansions of secondary select menu. I can’t finish my project without this being fixed. Please help!!!

Dave shows how to resize the panel above:
Missing opacity slider - Sketchup 2016 - #4 by DaveR

And if you have display scaling set to something higher than 100%, then set it back to 100% temporarily so you can set the material’s opacity. (You can always reset display scaling afterward.)

FYI, currently SketchUp supports 100%, 125% and 150% display scaling.