Missing .msi

i am currently running 2020.2
every time i open my file explorer, i get this
missing msi

i’m not much of a techy…anyone have a simple answer ?

this is the other pop up i getimage

btw…sketchup 2020.2 is running fine…but i still get this message

i found a sketchuppro.msi, placed it in the folder it’s looking for…now i get this


Try to repair the installation.
Shut the computer down, first.
Then start it up, locate the installer file (probably in uour download folder) in windows explorer, rightclick on it and choose ‘Run as administrator ‘
Proceed and when prompted, choose ‘Repair’

thank you for responding…i powered down…rebooted…"repaired as admin"still doing the same thing…sketchup is running…but when i go to my file explorer to look for a file…as soon as it comes across a sketchup file…the installer kicks in.

what i believe is happening, or my best guess is, when installing, i had a power failure…right in mid install…i’m thinking it’s because of that, i’m at odds trying to figure this mess up, i’m wondering if there isn’t a way to reset the installer ?

i may be wrong with my guess…i guess wrong ALOT when it comes to computers…lol

Then, try to remove the installation through windows (Add or delete programs) and do a reboot before installing it again.
The reboots should clean up temporary files etc.

that’s what i was thinking…i’m running a test install on another computer to see if it has an issue…once i have SKT running…then that’s my next attempt…lol

it’s kinda funny visual, me running from office to office at 1:30 am trying to make sure we have running SKT by 8 am…lol

again, thank you for responding…it’s a huge help

Mike…it worked !!!

you rock my friend !!!..if you ever find yourself in sw florida…i’m buying u a steak dinner…my email is dreamsbuilt33982@yahoo.com…if you ever wish to take me up on my offer

thank you very much

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side note:

this computer you helped my with had versions going back to 5…(snicker)

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