Missing models in 3D warehouse

@MikeWayzovski - I’ve checked few times. I’m using only one e-mail (and I’m admin, I have all rights).

I’m Ork for sure :wink:

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Do you use the google sign in, or the yellow Trimble sign in?
You might wanna try the yellow option and reset your password (can be the same if it complies to rules of Trimble)

I think it’s Trimble. I’ve just set new password - same problem.

Even tried go for incognito tab and login at 3Dwarehouse via WEB. After login can see all models and if try download there is error (can’t download file). Something is not ok with right. I think there was a problem with migration and only admin can fix this.

Still need help :slight_smile:

I responded via email, but I will add a similar description of the solution here:
I understand that you are not seeing your models in 3D Warehouse. Rest assured that they have not been deleted but instead they now belong to your organization (see below).

Recently we have implemented an Org structure in 3D Warehouse for our building product manufacturer pages. This means you are now an administrator of the business account. You can change your context between your personal and your business account. You can also add other users to contribute to your account.

If you log into 3D Warehouse and hover over your account profile image (in the upper right) you will see a blue drop down box that says “My Account”. If you click on that and select your business name instead you will now be in the context of your business and will see your organization’s models there. Whenever you are uploading models for your business be sure to select the proper context.

You can read more about Orgs here - 3D Warehouse: The Migration to Orgs

Let me know if you see your models here: wnetrzewdomu.pl | 3D Warehouse

As I said

I have 0 models at “My account” (blue-drop-down menu).
I have all models at “wnetrzewdomu.pl” account but can’t download anything.

If I click at link you put in last post I can see my models, but can’t download anything, it’s looks like this:

I really understand all this and this migration, but something goes wrong and it’s not working at my account.

Any solution? Do you have any backup or something. Need all this really quick. Guys please help!

Really need help. I’ve reinstalled Sketchup. Same problem.

If I go for wnetrzewdomu.pl | 3D Warehouse using another acount - I can see few models (16 models) and download all them. Everythins is OK.

But on my account I have over 700 models and all this models are gone. Missing. I don’t have access. There is an error when trying download.

This is nor problem with my Sketchup or computer. All models are deleted or moved during migration and maybe this is file permission problem, maybe something else - but I’m not able fix this. Only admin can do this.

Please help gues. Can’t wait any longer. I can give you my password you will see on your own eyes :slight_smile:





It’s looks like if model was previously ‘private’ it’s not avaible. If I’ll change for public - thank it’s ok.

So what - now all models must be public ? Why you do not test all this before make this migration? Why I have to lost few days and weekend to fix all this?

Still there is issue with collections thumbnails. Still testing this solution.

Guys - I need my models private (all of them) - and after testing it’s seems that models has to be public. If it’s private - it’s simple not working.

Is there any solution for this. How move all models to “My account” - not to wnetrzewdomu.pl
Please provide solution for this or make possible to make models private please.

Waiting for answer.

Any update with this problem?

Guys, where is support? This is ridiculous! Please fix this 3D warehouse ORGs as soon as possible.

Perhaps better to “poke” @TheGuz & @colin .
They probably can help…

Did it already few times. Still nothing. Can’t work with this ‘new futures’. This is very annoying and frustrating.

Can’t make my models public. Need only private. Really don’t need this orgs at all.

Can’t wait any longer. This issue takes forever. Guys. Please help asap!

Ok nosfe, what you are experiencing is not related to my previous post. Now that we’ve had a chance to take a closer look, the QA team and the developers have a better understanding of the issue and are working toward a fix. I will post here when the fix is ready to test. Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for bringing this to our attention.