Missing lines in Layout

That dining table is supposed to have interior lines that make up the rectangle… why is this table just randomly bugged? this program has so many bugs I can barely use it… I thought it was nice to change the line weights easy and import into illustrator automatically scaled and line worked but this is just… a pain.

when I click on the inserted file, the lines show up, but when I go back to layout, they just disappear at random. wtf. this program has some crazy serious bugs. please help me with this so I can finish my midterm on time…

Before cursing the program, it is desirable to learn to work with it. Programs are different from each other and require different techniques to achieve a similar effect. (I hate designs made with AI, for example).

From the screenshots alone, we can’t figure out where the problem lies. It is advisable to upload the file that creates it.

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Assuming you didn’t draw the plan in Layout, what file type is the source?

it’s a sketchup file and I took a section of a simple massing with a 2d plan on the ground plane


How did you get it into layout?

“send to layout”

That’s a big file and Layout has to load the whole thing when using a viewport, might be part of the problem. You could try creating a group from section (right click on section plane - “create group from slice”), exporting the slice as a new file or a .dfx and import that into layout.

group from slice doesn’t actually solve a single issue. it just creates a group from the slice. but you’re right about the file being large, perhaps that’s a variable.

I already before you answered created a new file without the building and just the multiple units I’m making plans of. even then, same exact issue. the file is pretty small.

any other solutions?THE CHOSEN ONE_UNITS.skp (974.0 KB)

This is what I get in LayOut from your first model after rendering in Vector.

Since the lines for the furniture and interior wall are laying on it, OpenGL has a hard time distinguishing what should be in front of what. Move the 2D lines for the furniture and walls up half an inch so they are laying in the floor plane.

By the way, I corrected the incorrect Tag usage…
Screenshot - 10_8_2020 , 6_38_22 AM

…and purged the unused stuff…
Screenshot - 10_8_2020 , 6_38_38 AM

…which reduced the file size by nearly 73%.

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haha nice! rookie mistake. I’ll try those, thank you

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