Missing File in SketchUp 2017



I am a professional user and I have been working for weeks on a project. I went to open the file again today, after saving it yesterday, and it is gone. I am extremely frustrated and need some assistance.


So, when you open SketchUp, does the file appear as a recnet filepath at the bottom of the File menu ?

Is there a SKB (backup) of the file in the same folder location where you think the main SKP should be ?

I would never have “weeks” worth of work in a single file. I learned this “the hard way” long long ago in the “olden” days before GUIs and mouse pointers existed. Back then we also learned to make multiple copies on multiple magnetic media. (This was something we called floppy disks because they were made of flexible plastics. These disks were known to fail often.)

Anyway, you need to use some kind of backup system. (RAID drives, Re-writable CD or DVDs, network storage backups, etc. Back in the “olden” days we used tape backup systems.)

We also used to basically make copies daily into a sub-folder of the project folder, and difference the filename(s) by adding a date code on the filename.


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