Cannot find file on system?

Opening a .skp file from Layout and then saved. Cannot find file on system?

I opened a sketch up file from a saved layout file. then saved. but the file is nowhere to be found.

I did the same thing again and the file name came up as:

There is no evidence of the file on my system.
Is there anywhere to find this in recent docs or as a backup file??

Could really do with some help as it was an important file.

Kind Regards

it’s inside the Layout file… [which is a zipped folder]

you can do ‘Save Copy As’ if you want to keep it separate…


Thanks John. But I am trying to find a file which I was working on.

The Layout file did not update with the current file changes


ok, is it in SU >> File >> Open Recent list?

or do you know it exact name?


Unfortunately not in “Open Recent”

I don’t know the exact name but after trying the same thing again I have understood that when you are in Layout,
I right clicked on the image of my drawing and went to "open in Sketchup"
340083277_ . . . . . . . . _284.skp had been added to my original file name. .
I then proceeded to work on this file for a whole day. clicking save at hourly intervals give or take.

NO FILE to be found. is there a way to check if there is a backup file within Sketchup . .

Thanks for your help.
Cathal 3DA

Is there a way to view “Open Recent” by showing more results as I do believe it would be there.

the List held by the Dock may be larger…

Right Click SU Icon…

also if you open from inside Layout, then Right Click on the Title in SU, it shows the path to the file…

if it’s inside Layout it will show ref as the parent folder…

if it’s on you drive it will show the path…

What changes did you make to the SketchUp file that didn’t show in LayOut?

this shows I do not have the original on my system, only in Layout file…

if it was on my system it would take me there instead…

the modified skp, and an autosave may be in there as well…