Missing Base Textures on OBJ Export

I am exporting .OBJ files from sketch to load into an augmented reality program and I’ve noticed that only custom textures are packaged with the obj/mtl. If the texture is a standard SketchUp texture/color it seems to not come through. Looking for any advice/solutions. I am using version 18.0.16976 running on Mac OS Sierra version 10.12.6 (16G1212).

My understanding is that in SU colors are colors described by RGB or similar values. Textures are jpg images.
On export those textures get exported into a separate folder, but the simple colors do not. You could make regular colors as texture files in SU otherwise you’d have to do it in the program to which they’ve been imported.
So you could make the same colors in photoshop and save as a jpg and then load that as a texture to replace the color, then it will export.

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