Missing 3d Model

You have the model located at a great distance from the origin, and this creates a lot of problems and sometimes in conjunction with other modeling mistakes it generates various errors (such as the one you ran into).


  • learn to Purge;

  • learn to group each element separately, don’t leave loose geometry;

  • do not import components from 3D Warehouse directly into the model you are working on.

To start solving the problem:

  • convert the four groups (with their subgroups) into components and save them separately. Then delete them from the model and Purge;

  • Zoom Extents (Shift + Z) and you will see the model;

  • Import back the 4 groups that you checked, scaled and cleaned before. If you resize a component (from the outside), make sure you apply the new scale (Scale Definition);

  • reposition it to the origin.