Mirrored fonts

A potter friend asked if I could make a set of letter stamps that he could use to stamp into the clay of projects. The following skp shows the basic idea.
letter block stamp.skp (120.5 KB)
Of course, the 3D label has to be reversed on the stamp so that it appears properly on the pottery. But, how do I get the text reversed? I think the scale tool is involved but I haven’t figured it out yet.

You can scale to -1 or flip along.

Thank you. A picture (or a short video) is worth a thousand words. I think that answers my question.

You can just flip the letters rather than the whole stamp too.

Well that’s interesting. I could print a normal letter on the underside of the stamp so he could be sure of what letter he was using and only the text on the top surface would be reversed.

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There;s nothing magic about lettering, it’s just geometry like everything in Sketchup.

What’s magic is the help and quick response I get from this forum.

Thanks again.

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You don’t actually need to mirror, simply extrude the letters right through and you’ll have your stamp.
Box stamp

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I wanted to test some new filament so I printed it. I recessed the letters on the top.

That’s a nice clean print, no signs of bridging or supports. Is that the orientation of the piece when you printed? I’ve been thinking of how I would print mine when the time comes.

It took a while to figure out that I had to right click on the 3D text to see the Unglue option. This is neat since I could get both faces in one operation.

Yes, there was minor cleanup in this position and the faces of the letters are untouched.

Dare I ask how you go about recessing the letters?

There are various ways, I see you are using Make so have no solid tools. This is one version that works with Make.
It’s not as complex as it looks, I use a section plane to look inside and remove the excess geometry, and while doing that, if you look closely, you’ll see me deselect(shift click) the far face and the section before I delete the internal geometry.
Inset b
While writing this I have thought of an even easier method.
Inset b2

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When I try this, the “B” is not green prior to Intersect Faces with Selection. It’s white, the same color as the face it is attached to. The Intersect Faces with Selection does not work in my case.

Oooops. Tried it with Intersect Faces with Model and it worked.

FWIW the green color on the B is SU displaying it with the ground color when the block group/component is opened for editing. If you have a white background the B would look white or light gray.

If the block is loose geometry the B wouldn’t fade at all.

I’ve been able to create a stamp set of letters and digits that will fit on a 1/4" dowel.

However, the letter Q has given me a problem. Is there a solution?

This skp file shows my Q stamp. Is it possible to place the Q on the block so that the body of the Q falls on the edge of the block instead of the tail falling on the edge? Hope that makes sense.

LCPL-Q.skp (124.3 KB)

Hi Terry,

Do you mean like this?

If so, I just opened the group for editing and moved the Q.

Thanks Dave, I just discovered that myself. Makes me proud.

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