Minor changes or Redraw?

I made a band saw table insert for a friend using Sketchup 2017 to draw it and then 3D printed it.

This skp file shows the insert.
Gary’s bandsaw insert v2.skp (120.8 KB)

The insert was a pretty good fit but I’d like to make 3 changes to improve it.

  1. Move the left wall of the slot about .5 mm to the left. Later on I might want to make different sized slots for different blades.
  2. I’d like to increase the diameter of the smaller disk on top by just a little bit, something I’d like to sneak up on to get a friction fit.
  3. I’d like to add a 2.0 mm cube to the lower, larger disk at the 9 o’clock position. This cube, I call it an ear, would fit in to an existing slot in the band saw table and would prevent the insert from rotating due to vibration,

My effort to move the slot wall with the push/pull seems to allow me to close the slot but not to expand it on one side.

Can this file be easily modified or should I just start drawing a new one? If so, is there something I can do to make easy to modify in the future?

This could be done. It’ll require a bit of minor cleanup.

You can do this. I would use Offset on the bottom edge of the smaller cylinder and then pull up the face with Push/Pull. You will need to close up the tiny gaps at the ends of the offset edge next to the slot.

Fairly straightforward to add the key, Draw the shape and extrude it.

Hit Ctrl before starting to push the face. You’ll find there’s a bit of geometry at the outer end of the slot that needs removal. Select the geometry after pushing and use Intersect Faces. Then erase the unneeded stuff.