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This was the final rendering of my 5th year project in architecture school. It was my best one over the years and I’m still very proud of it. But I’m always looking for ways to improve my works so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!


It’s a good looking building and the rendering is effective at showing it in context.
The only drawback for me is the Starbucks-like coffee and cream color scheme.
Feels like it’s wanting to be just slightly more flamboyant.
[Edit: After posting I found the title – only visible with a mouse-over – and surprised to learn it is a library. I guess with the balconies and the scale I assumed it was a mixed use commercial-residential building. So maybe it’s OK that it is somewhat somber in appearance.]

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Yessir, it was indeed a commercial-residential building, good catch! Hm, that’s true actually; maybe I’ll try to make it more flamboyant next time. Thank you for your feedback!

I think the people are too short … or perhaps the car in the foreground is too large? Also, the shadows seem to be inconsistent. Overall, I like the effect.

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Haha yes! That’s one of things I want to improve when I look at the rendering again, the people seem a little off somehow right? The thing is I placed people in sketchup that are around 5’9" and used them as reference in Photoshop so I know that theyes shouldn’t be too short. Maybe the people in the back? Or maybe you’re right about the car, even if it’s the right size, it probably shouldn’t be in that spot in the rendering.

I don’t think anyone will really notice this but either that driver just ran a red light or everyone is J walking.

Looks great though.

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Loll yes, my friend pointed out the same thing when I was doing the rendering, but then I was like well dang too late haha. Man you guys got some good observations here. I’m glad I posted it :slight_smile:

I like the your attention to detail. The reflection of the crossing on the back of the car for example.
As others have said, you shouldn’t run red lights, especially if you put your name on the plates. :wink:

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Thank you! Hhaha you’re completely right, I’m glad you noticed that, not a lot of people do!