Gallery Contribution

Figured I should also contribute to the gallery.

A SketchUp model study and its render that I have done awhile back.

Used SketchUp and V-ray:

Hope you like it, and leave some :heart:s for me if you do!


That must have been a fun project. It’s impressive. :smile:

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Thanks JV!

is that correct way to call you?

yes, it was fun. :smiley:

Most of my clients and many friends call me that…(among other things sometimes :open_mouth:)

So where is this building and were you the PM or the design architect?

This building is going to be in Berlin, i was part of concept design team (RTKL).

Although, this was a quick study that we did which was value engineered heavily at the end.

Now it lives with the name of “Mercedes Platz” Entertainment District