Cool SketchUp/VRay renders

Here’s a bunch of renders that I did recently when I got a chance to play with VRay. There are some unique old buildings where I come from and these are a good way to show them off. The odd one out obviously being the Pantheon. We don’t have one of those- I stole the model from Antikens on 3DWH and did some work on it.

VRay is relatively easy to use- All of the controls are more-or-less accessible through the interface.


Here’s a study of grass, tile and water.

The tile is ultra-shiny so that explains the ghostly effect of the water reflecting on it.

The grass looks like mine. Dire need of watering.


Some studies of a project I designed and project managed in 2011. It’s the last building I did before having to pack in the architecture gig. (Irish “regulations”… Long story which I won’t bore anyone with. :laughing:)

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I need to pour some VRay water on it.