Creating Artistic Landscapes Using Sketchup and Vray

It’s been a long time since I began working with sketchup. For about 3 years I’ve been using it to create Interior Design projects as I made studies in the field. I learnt this program by my own and I try to find different uses for it everytime I can with the tools it has.

Some time ago, I tried to do something different than making architecture/design projects so I began creating some “landscapes” with my personal preferences focusing on a more… artistic concept.
This helped me to develop some skills and learn more about the software.

The process of creating a landscape highly enhances the creativity one can have, and it also helps to develop a further capacity on identifying better angles for the Renders as well helping you to recognize your advantages and disadvantages both in the Software and in the creation of real projects.

I always try to find a way to make it complex without using so many heavy polygonies or high quality geometries and details, this way it is possible to make a good looking result with no complications. This may be simple, but still expressive and interesting.

Whole creative process recorded:

I find plants as a key point in creating and enhancing beauty in spaces, same thoughts come to me using the water, and these are common factors on the pieces creation. I particullary think the white color has the capacity to make spaces not only look wider but it also makes yourself feel connected with that spatiality perception, and this, combined with natural elements and simplicity, from my point of view leads to a posibility of introspection.

I just wanted to share a little of my journey with SketchUp, thank you if you took the time to check the pieces!

Some other creations:


nice pictures, but this is what I like

I’ll keep this thread in a corner somewhere because you illustrate a good concept : don’t overcharge your model, especially on stuff you won’t see. the table and arch are this tiny thing bottom right in the first image, the rest is empty because it’s out of frame, and low res because it’s distant. I mean, one of the distant tower is a floating cylinder, but it doesn’t matter, because we only see the top.

You’re doing specific poses, and you stick to that, and that’s good !