Microsoft Edge - Behaving like a virus how do I stop this?

I did a windows update.

Microsoft are now bombarding me Microsoft Edge.

I don’t want microsoft edge thank you very much.

Now when I attempt an update Sketchup not only opens Micro Soft Edge it signs me into Edge using my Sketchup details.

This is an abuse of my data. I have no desire to be signed into Microsoft Edge.

McAfee then identifies Trimble as a dangerous site that is not to be trusted. Which it does not do when I sign into Trimble voluntarily via Google.

I cannot uninstall MS Edge.

I cannot find any setting which says that I have asked sketchup to use MS Edge.

How do I stop this virus called MS Edge.

Change the default browser in w10:

Ok this confused me. I thought I had already done this but of the course the update has obviously changed this.

So I did as per the instructions in the link. But when you click on web browser nothing happens. When you click on Microsoft edge nothing happens.

It is only when you do multiple clicks on Micorsoft edge then alternatives appear. Could they make it more stressful if they tried. No guide. No prompt. No explanation.

Well it is done. And sketchup is working again.

Thank you.

A recent Windows update installed a new version of Microsoft Edge. To me it offered to make Edge my default browser. I don’t remember if I clicked something like “NO, thanks” or if I simply closed it, but it stopped bothering me.