Problems with Sketch Up Free web version

Hello everybody. Since a time to now, I have been detecting a mistake using Sketch Up Web versión on my Laptop. I have been running Skecth Up by Windows 10 and with the Web Browser Microsoft Edge on its last versión. I draw a square to créate a cube, for example. Everything is ok but at the momento to give the height dimensions with the keyboard, the measure is erased and something runs wrong because I can’t introduce the right dimensión.

Has everyone this same problem? Thank you for the support.

I run the software in my office laptop so I can’t install other web browser as Firefox or Chrome.

There have been other reports of a recent update to Edge that has broken SketchUp web. The SketchUp developers are aware of the problem and working to fix it.

Are you using it for your work? Can you get your employer to allow installation of Chrome?

Later versions of Edge have the problem fixed. If you check for Windows updates and don’t see a later version of Edge for you, you can get the new one directly from here:

Thank you for your replys. I am using only for pleasure as I am building my own house and I try to design it with furnitures and every detail.

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