Messy, ungrouped SketchUp model - possibility of only showing visible faces?

I am a landscape architect designing the outside of a building.

The model is an import and came through very messily (the file runs extremely slowly, nothing is grouped).

I was wondering if there is an option to only show visible faces? I only need the outer facade of the building to show up in my renders. Is there a way to hide all the interior elements? Do I have to manually clean it up?

It hard to tell without seeing the model and its layers. Can you upload it so we can take a look?

How about selecting the outsides faces and moving them all to a new layer? I am assuming if nothing is grouped then nothing is layered either. It might take a few rounds but by toggling visibility on and off for layer 0 you could see which faces you’re missing in your new shell layer. You will need to make your new layer the active one in order to be able to hide layer 0. Once you have everything you want on your new layer, either group it all, or copy paste into a new file or be super sure (make a backup) and delete all layer 0. Don’t forget move back to layer 0 before you start working with the file.

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