Messed Up Geometry

Thanks Shep, that’s really helpful. Yeah I can see the inference locking, I’ll recreate your solution in my new model. Here is the new one just for reference. HouseModel_v2.0.skp (137.0 KB)

That’s looking a lot cleaner, and hugely smaller file size now you don’t have the clutter in it that you don’t want until later!

A couple of comments still.

Your Floor plan and your Walls group both have faces for the floor in your rooms.

Delete one or the other to prevent ‘Z-fighting’ where there are both.

It shimmers when you orbit or move the view in the model. That means that the OpenGL graphics can’t tell which is in front of the other (because neither is!).

You might or might not find it helpful later to subdivide the Walls group into exterior and interior wall groups and/or room interior walls, but if you are going to, now is the time to do it.

You will need at some point to fill in the openings above the doors. Use the rectangle tool on the side face of the opening to draw down to the door frame height, then pushpull it across to the other side of the opening. Delete the lines at the joins. If they won’t delete without losing the wall, your geometry is off-axis.

It probably isn’t, though. I had no trouble closing the top of one such opening.

The garage roof join to the house isn’t right yet, but I’m no expert on roofing at all, so I don’t quite know what to suggest. @Shep above has one suggestion, but your current drawing doesn’t have the roof overhangs he suggests, and the roof planes of the garage and house interfere with, rather than join, each other.

Shep might well be able to give you a clean solution starting from your current drawing.

If you don’t want the overhangs (you haven’t drawn them) another possible solution is to separate the top of the garage walls from the rest of the house with three lines, then push the garage walls up to the height where they meet the underside of the main roof.

Push pull the main roof corner back to the far side of the garage wall.
Then the garage roof can just project a hip onto the main roof, something like this:

And from the other side, like this:

Or even, with a roof overhang, like this

Here’s my suggested update:
HouseModel_v2.0 - edited by JMcC.skp (108.8 KB)

PS. Just seen that your other hip roof doesn’t have any eaves lines (or maybe I mean barge boards?). I expect it should.

And possibly add overhangs all round? Does it rain where this house is/is going to be?

And by the way, i didn’t do anything to the floors - you need to decide which component or group should have them. I think my preference would be to keep them in the floor plan component.

Hello @john_mcclenahan

I also have a geometric issue and i would love to learn how to correct it instead of starting again from scratch.
My file is a very basic one as i only have a few hours of practice.

I am following a tuto for beginners and I spotted a mistake on the roof (which is almost the first thing i built). On one side it is 40cm over the wall and on the other it is 50cm. It becomes a problem later on when i try to create beams. As you can see on the red beam there is a gap whereas the green beam fits nicely.

How can i adjust the wall 50cm over each wall now that the geometry is all linked ? I only learnt about groups and components afterwards unfortunately.

I attached one screenshot because as a new member i cannot upload more than a single image. I am not sure if i can upload my .sketchup file with the free version (i can only access on the web).

Thanks for your help!

I could have a look at your model later this evening. But to do that, I need not an image, but a copy of the model. In the image, I can’t actually see what ‘gap’ you are talking about, nor quite what the 40 and 50 cm dimensions relate to.

Best to save it from the web to your computer*, then upload it here. It’s probably not too big to post directly in the forum.

Upload the downloaded .sko file from your computer to here - drag it from File Explorer onto a post you are editing on the forum, or click on the Upload icon above your post: image.
It’s the eighth from the left.

*To download your model, open your model in SU Free, go to the top left of the SU window, click the second icon - the folder - and choose Download. Like this:

And if your computer will run it, you might find it easier to download the free SketchUp Make 2017 and use it on your local computer. So long as you are not using it for commercial purposes, it will allow you later to use Plugins or Extensions, and you don’t need an internet connection to use it (though I believe you do while you are installing it).

And as is often repeated on this forum, when installing, R-click on the installer file, and choose Run as Administrator.

Just being logged in as an administrative user is NOT sufficient. Some people get away with that, but very often it causes problems with things not installing properly because of insufficient write permissions to certain locations during installation.

Hey John,

Thanks for the suggestions again! I was wondering what caused that shimmering, thanks for the tip! Thanks for the suggestion on the roof! That is an odd space on the house. I’m going to add the eaves/overhangs by using the follow me tool, that was actually what prompted this updated question. I agree with keeping them in the floorplan component, I actually had organized my whole house with components and groups like you described after reading that book from Matt Donley, then my computer crashed and I lost that file… But I really liked having it organized that way, I’m going to recreate it like he describes.

Hey hohn thanks for your reply !

Here is my .ske 2019 file. I’ll try to download the 2017 version when i come back from work. i thought it wasn’t uploaded anymore and was better to use 2019 but i struggled cause it wasn’t the same display as the one in the tutorial. I was just starting getting used to 2019 version haha.

MAISON 1.skp (138.9 KB)

Hopefully you find a way to arrange the roof.
Have a good one


The problem is not with the roof, it is that the wall at the ‘red beam’ side of the house is 10cm further away from the centreline of the roof peak than on the other side.

You need to move the wall 10cm towards the centreline.

The roof angles are exactly the same on both sides.

And to get your windows and doors to ‘cut opening’ as they are designed to do, you need to insert them in the same context as the walls.

Your walls have no thickness. Do you only ever want to view the model from the outside?

If not, you need to give the walls thickness. What is the usual thickness (or actual thickness, if this is an existing house) of walls in your country?

You can use the ‘cut opening’ door and window components only to cut holes in the outside wall face.

If you give walls thickness, you will have to cut the openings yourself.

The usual way is to draw a rectangle in the context of the wall faces, then push pull it through to the other side.

I attach my attempt to correct the issues with only a single face for the walls, saved back to SU v2017. I’m not sure if the windows and doors are in exactly the position you intended them, though.

MAISON 1 edited by JWM.skp (132.0 KB)

Hello john,

Thanks for your help it wasn’t as bad as i thought ! Can i ask how did you spot the mistake ? Also i am curious about how to fix mistakes on Sketchup ? I mean as i learn i will probably do some more, is there a way to modify your early geometry once you are further up into your project ?

About the wall thickness, i guess i haven’t been far enough in the tuto i follow to start with wall thickness. Anyway this is mostly an exercise and i gess i will learn that one i start to design the inside of the house.

about the doors and windows, i think i mistakenly delete the “cut open”. I had done something to bring the door inside the wall if that is what you meant.

Lastly, i can tell you are well skilled on Sketchup, do you have tips to learn or some great tutorials to follow ?

Thanks for you time
Have a good evening

I thought about the mistake, and couldn’t see how it could be the roof, once I’d confirmed that the angles on both sides were the same.

Then I projected a guideline down from the roof ridge centreline, and measured to the walls on either side with the Tape Measure tool, and found the 10cm discrepancy.

Once I’d found that out, it was easy to select the wall (double click on the wall face), and just use the Move tool. Because all the walls are loose geometry within their group, that takes with it the edges of the end walls, but left the windows and doors sticking out, which told me they weren’t inside the walls group, where they should have been to cut openings.

That showed that the doors and window in that wall weren’t in the same context as the wall, so I deleted them, and reinserted them from the Components browser, after opening the wall group for editing. But I wasn’t able to register them exactly. I wasn’t getting an inference from the guidelines I’d placed temporarily round the original windows and doors.

No, the components still showed (in the Components Browser) on the Edit tab, that their properties were still ‘Glue to Any’ and ‘Cut opening’.

But the cutting doesn’t work unless you insert them onto a face - not on the outside of a group or component. That’s why you only saw the outline of them on the face of the wall.

If you haven’t already, try the tutorials on

It’s often easier to start from the floor plan for a house, draw the walls with thickness, then pushpull them up to height. Then apply the angles to the walls for the gable ends, and pushpull again through the thickness of the wall to make the triangular peak of the gable. Then edit the top to get the slope back for the end of the roof above the window.

An alternative is to start with the outer wall skin that you have, and pushpull the walls inwards. But then you get messy overlaps at the corners, and where the gable wall slopes inwards. Hard to say which is better.

You can use Intersect faces with… to tidy up the corners, or just do a bit of careful editing at the corners, and on the gable end(s).

Hey john,
thanks yo your help i finished the tutorial and i am really happy with the result ! I like working with sketchup a lot and keep learning more day after day.

I am now working on another project, a real one this time which is designing the building my father is renovating. I am stuck with a component issue, when i edit one component it should automatically edit all the same component right ? For some reason here it doesn’t work. I tried to stay as cleans as possible in the project and i can see in outline that i only have 1 group and 1 component.
projet 1.skp (394.7 KB)

Do you have an idea ? Is it possible to send personnal message on this forum or do i have to create a new topic for each new question ?

Thanks again for your help and have a good day

As you say, you only have one component in the model. You have 7 in the file though: 5 doors and 2 windows.

So if you edit that one component, you won’t see any other instances of it change as you don’t have any. If you dragged a new instance out from the Components window you’d see the changes that you made.

You can PM people here too, just click their name, then click “Message”. If you want a fun way of learning how to use the forum, pm @discobot.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Thanks for the reply

I see what you mean i forgot that there was a component section.
The thing is in the tuto i follow they teach to:
add a component
“copy” it using move+ctrl
nand when they modify one it affects all the others.

I would like to create my component door80x120 place them all and then modify one to make it look like a door.
How can i do that ?


Just do it the same as the tutorial then. Make copies of the component, double-click on one to edit it, make your changes and the changes should be made to all copies (instances) of the component.

If you want to edit one or more to make them different from the original, select the one(s) you want to change, R-click, and choose Make Unique.

Changes you make in either or any of those you selected will be matched in the other(s), but the originals will be unaffected.

Good afternoon john,
i have seen this option to make unique yes.
here i don’t want my door to be unique. I would like them to be all the same but for some reasons when i moify one component the others are not affected.

Upload the latest version of your file again, then, if it is different now from the one you posted a couple of hours ago.

Which version of SU are you actually using? Free (Web) doesn’t have a year version to go with it.

i am thinking also of what you said: use rectangle mostly.
I couldn’t here because the original building is not square ! i used a hand dranw plan as an image and build my wall upon those measure. then i tried to use guides to be as precise as possible but most of it not square.

This being said i don’t see how it can affect my component really

No, that would make no difference to the way components behave.

projet 1.skp (431.9 KB)
Here is my latest version of the file