Mess line! pls help

I am newbie, I dont know why the lot of mess line.

from the menu, choose Edit , Delete Guides

thx, i will do it. and I wonder…do we need to do this all time or all file?

only if you use guides, which are produced via the tape measure,

you can delete them, on the go, once finished with eraser

Hi, it still have line , even i use the Delete Guides ,DO you think another problem!

can you share the model?

Do you mean file?

yes. upload via the same icon, or drag and drop a copy

Please share the model file, as @pcmoor suggests.

Also, something is amiss when a file name is preceded by AutoSave twenty-three times!
Describe as best you can what you are doing when SketchUp crashes.

I will upload the file and i open in the pc …it no line!

In the image provided, those lines look suspiciously like hidden lines. They appear to terminate in the building. Guide lines would extend infinitely in both directions, and creating guide points of that size and regular spacing would be a tremendous coincidence, albeit not impossible, I guess.

Simple test: try turning off hidden geometry. If they remain, they’re guides. Otherwise … select them and delete.

Edited to add: On closer inspection, it further appears the suspect lines emanate from the furniture installed in the room of the building. Try editing one of those components (groups) to see if the hidden lines are somehow attached to them.

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