Dotted lines in model

what are the dotted lines in model ? how do I get rid of them?

with the eraser cursor_eraser kopiëren

If you mean guides, you can hide them in the View> Guidelines menu or Delete them all at once Edit>Delete Guides

I am guessing they are guides. To delete : Edit>Delete guides or select each one then right click > erase or Select one and hit the delete key. There may be more ways also

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Hit k on your keyboard.


or H if you changed your Shortcuts to make more sense…

K for Hidden???


Are you khidding?

edit: only noticed the kh humour after my post

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I’m a bit confused myself…

a lot of people set K to ‘View Hidden’ because H is pre-assigned [ to a simpler mouse action ]…

and they don’t mind loosing the ‘Back Edges’ K shortcut…


I use H for hidden Geometry.
K works for me because it is Bac_k_Edges.

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