Hidden lines is not working

when my house model was simple… the view hidden geometry command was self explanatory.

now my model has much more detail and ive just noticed that a lot of stuff is showing (dotted lines) even though i have disabled the view hidden geometry.

what am i overlooking ?

Tap K on your keyboard

“k” is the hotkey to toggle on ‘Back Edges’

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[quote=“quantj, post:2, topic:8808”]
“k” is the hotkey to toggle on ‘Profile Lines’

[K] toggles back edges (unless you changed it) and it’s the one to use here.

lol, you’re right. I had googled the hotkeys to copy/paste what I thought was the official hotkey guide.

wow… K works!
how is this different from the menu command view hidden geometry (which used to work for me in this situation)?

Make a circle, push/pull it up. Then try out hidden geometry vs back edges. Hidden geometry will show you all the edges for the faces in your camera view. Back edges just shows the edges that you would normally see if you move around your model.

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Hidden geometry displays the actual edges that define the geometry. In this context, “hidden” means deliberately made invisible either by “softening” or “hiding” and revealed by View > Hidden Geometry.

Back edges is just a visual representation of hidden lines in the same sense as the old drafting convention. In this context, “hidden” means occluded by other geometry.



thanks both! this really explains back edges vs hidden geo…