Shape Outlines Hide/Remove (Sketchup for Web MacOS)

Hoping someone in the community can help. I’m new to Sketchup (maybe working for a few months now) and my cats keeping walking across my keyboards and turning on these dotted outlines for shapes. No clue what key(s) they’re pressing but I cannot figure out what these are called or how to turn them back off. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

press K

or in one of the panels on your right, I think it’s the one with the pair of glasses, you can activate / deactivate the hidden line parameter

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Thank you @ateliernab! Pressing K solved it

You already got the solution from @ateliernab. But in case you still wonder what they are called, these lines are called ‘Back Edges’ and they can help you with picking up inferencing on otherwise obscured geometry.
[k] is the toggling key by default to turn them on/off.
(Better also inform your cats about this!)