Weird lines (Need help please)

Hi all, When i’m using sketchup for my project, I’m getting these weird dotted lines. It isn’t “guidelines” since i’ve turned that off already. I’ve attached a screenshot. If someone could help me get rid of these dotted lines it would be great. Thanks.

View > Hidden Geometry > OFF

When it’s ON you’ll see the smoothed edges in parts of a surface

SU menu >> ‘View’ >> ‘Hidden Edges’, it’s a ‘toggle’…
or try “h” on your keyboard [it’s my shortcut, but I may have added it…]

Oh thank you so much! That was bugging me so much. Really appreciate it!

The default H on windows is Pan, makes some sense as it is a hand. Sure to be different on mac.

Thank you John! It’s fixed now :slight_smile: