Dotted lines in floorplan - hide?

I was wondering if there was a way to get rid or hide the dotted lines in sketchup 2020?

hello, your upload failed. Don’t you have back edges active ? hit “k”
Could also be guides (go to view > guides to toggle on/off)

now that the file is uploaded, a couple of more things :

  • you also have hidden geometry visible, you might want to turn it off (view > hidden geometry), it shows all your bath tub geometry for example, that is meant to be smoothed.
  • you should work with groups and components, you only have a few walls so far, but it will get messy if you go on modelling without grouping anything.
  • sometimes purge your model as its size will increase if you don’t, especially if you import many components from 3D warehouse (and even if you delete them). go to window > model info > statistics > purge all).
    your file went from 16 MB to 9MB after purging it.