What happened to my model?

I am in the middle of making a simple truck model to get used to sketchup free. So I was about halfway through and had to transfer to a laptop. When I got back on desktop I had extra lines on my model (well sort of). All of the lines on my model show up at all times now. By that I mean you can see the lines through the faces (they show up as dotted lines). Now when ever I try to make a line on one of the faces it snaps to one of the dotted lines. I can’t get them to go away! Help!

Hit the K key and turn off Back Edges.

Wow I feel Stupid thanks.

I find it’s easy to tap K by accident when going for the Line tool. Not stupid. Just not understanding cause and consequence.

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I ran in to this problem all the time myself when K was added as a shortcut for Back Edges in the desktop version all those years ago. Well, it’s practical with a shortcut for such useful feature, but you extremely easily tap it by mistake.

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